Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bentley Has A 17G Vertus Phone

Nokia is a maker of smart phones and its latest is the Vertu
It may be a smart phone but it’s more like a virtu
A very limited run of 2000 not destined for the teenager in the mall
Or the struggling entrepreneur or lobbyist wining the Senate pols
Or the young actors or the young actress dolls
But a Vertu for the elite is a phone Nokia hopes would enthrall
2000 have been made as an option in Bentleys to be installed
At a bargain price of only 17 grand but with soft leather to caress
With titanium cover with diamond knurling to an onlooker impress
Some exclusive software for Bentley owners to enjoy an elite Bentley lifestyle
As in comfort and envy they drive along the miles
But beneath the 17 grand here lies the catch
The combination of luxury and technology does not match
The OS of the phone Android 4.4 is only run of the mill
Capable of maybe half of what an iPhone 6 will perform
People save rock stars who can afford a Bentley usually follow this norm
Do not spend like a drunken sailor; invest wisely to let your investments perform
Rather than spend 17 grand to feel or have your driver fee leather over a second rate phone
Buy a Coach purse for the console and another iPhone6 for your Bentley throne
With the money save buy some more Alibaba shares
Smiling at the bystanders as at your Vertuless throne they stare
Nice thing about a society such as ours you can sell to the masses or sell to the elite
A hundred different ways to shake the Invisible Hand and compete
© October 14, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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