Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Finally Obama Hits The Campaign; Blues From Him Still Bail

This election with one week to go will turn into spending slugfests
With millions of dollars raised in very close contests
Attack ads will crowd out any discussion of issues only blame
Biden already warning a Senate flip will put us 6 years behind the lean forward game
The work permits are being printed waiting only for an executive order stroke
Amnesty for most any chance to repair the system totally broke
Finally in a panic Blue control of the Senate will fail
Our President will hit the campaign trail
Our Ebola czar must be hiding in a Hazmat suit
Our states are starting to ignore the CDC as demands for quarantine take root
Finally at the DHS the light bulbs are starting to come on
A realization that we are really in the jihadists’ dawn
The Reds even if they take control will not be able to bring issues to the floor
Reid and his minions will filibuster to keep acts from heading to the House doors
Even if by some quirk of  lucky fate
A filibuster will not keep opened ended any debate
Obama will be free to veto regardless of the cost
Another two years of potential compromise lost
Washington remains dysfunctional and the queen waiting to reign
With comments like dead broke or corporations don’t create jobs another 4 years on the partisanship rancor train
If perchance God help us we do not know the results on election night
And the control of the Senate is a seat or two, buy political ads creators’ stock as even more millions will pour into the fight.
While the fundraising in chief when it comes to leadership is again MIA
And we mere mortals making a living wonder how to get through another gridlocked day.
© October 28, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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