Thursday, October 16, 2014

If Politics Won't Stop At Waters Edge It Must Stop At Door To Dbola Isolation Ward

As the second home grown Ebola case surfaces and fears continue to grow
It is high time for the finger pointing and blame game to once and for all stow
The Blue ads that falsely on the shoulders of the Reds claim
That Red cuts to CDC are to the Ebola cases blame
Should be immediately shut down and never again see the light of day
We need a calm, rational, nonpartisan for this microbe to control and slay
We may be light years ahead of Africa in terms of our health system but we are not immune
There appear to be in this country only four hospitals like Emory with the total containment rooms
Whatever protocols the CDC had, if followed in the case of the two nurses in Dallas, did not work
Or they were not followed either due to ignorance or too hard or too much time to follow and in human nature shirked
The attack on this disease started off way to rocky
Maybe because the CDC director Frieden was far too cocky
Time to circle the wagons and subject the protocols to a thorough review
Then implement the right protocols and make sure they are followed through
This virus has been identified since 1976 and yet has not yet gone airborne
How many more mutations before it does and leaves our defenses shorn?
We cannot or will not control our border but we can control an aircraft ramp
Anyone whose passport bears a West African stamp
Should we prevent that person from boarding the plane?
Until the disease in West Africa starts to wane?
While procedures for health care workers here are under intense review
What are we doing to protect our troops for them to the virus eschew
Serious issues deserve serious thought and oversight
Above all not another finger pointing partisanship fight
My grandfather lived through the Spanish Flu of 1919 and the bodies piled up recalled was not a pretty sight
In Biblical terms not “a” but hundreds of thieves daily coming to homes in the night
We have had the warning call, the first shots across our health system bow
Time to stop the blame, unite and show the world when it comes to unity of purpose we know how.
© October 15, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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