Thursday, October 16, 2014

Another Fatal Shooting Of A Black Man By White Officer

Another white officer shooting a black man who appeared to be mentally ill
14 times struck by bullets and he was quickly killed
This time the man was with the officer’s baton armed
Still questions of why the officer used lethal harm
Homeless most likely, sleeping on a park bench a danger to no one
Checked on twice by other officers for his safety and no harm to either party done
Officer Manney was the third to check
Mentally illness he quickly detects
But without reason he patted him down and a struggle ensued
Hamilton seized Manney’s baton, hit him, and Manney quickly his gun drew
Do not know the size or strength of Hamilton or Manney or their fighting shape
But instincts tell me that Manney in a struggle would win the tale of the tape
He was fired today for violating department policy use of force
A decision to charge him after six months still has not run its course
This poet was not there and knows not all the facts
Although the officer was fired, calmer minds should not rush to the attack
Sadly, adrenaline will always trump training no matter how much or how well
The reptilian brain has only one thought--to survive and send one’s attacker back to Hell
A tragic ending but if Hamilton had been white, the ending would have been the same
A police baton is lethal and rage of mental illness is hard to rationally tame
Hamilton would be alive today if paramedics had been called to take this man to a treatment center to receive needed mental health care
But the mentally ill have slipped though the mesh  of the safety net, into the prisons, jails, and park benches, as of the health care dollars, mental health does not receive a fair share
© October 16, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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