Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Not Just For Kids

Humanity since it first came down from the trees and stood erect
Has sought ways to youthful appearance remain and the aging process deflect
In the past it was Ponce de Leon landing on a Florida beach
Searching in the swamps for the fountain of youth always swamp hidden beyond his reach
Or the search to drink from the Holy Grail
Like the alchemists seeking to turn lead into gold, doomed to fail
Today it’s the surgeon’s knife, creams, gyms, stem cells, new replacement body parts
Despite all efforts the features of youth without slowly ebb and depart
Leaving trapped within a person still young at heart
Here is an idea for the image of youth without to restart
On Halloween an adult needs only a costume from head to toe
List includes Superman, X-men, cheerleader, Tinker-bell, to feel the aging ebb in its flow
On Halloween relive your childhood and in an adult size replicate that costume dress
An easy way, no matter how brief, the aging without process to suppress
It matters not as long as the costume is not a senile woman or man in a wheel chair or with a cane
In a Halloween party or even so dressed for work one can feel the aging drain
Halloween today is not just for kids searching for a sugar high
Adults should also claim the night to celebrate days of old gone by
On the day after, remember true youth comes from within and if the eyes sparkle and the mind is quick and clear
Even without the aid of a Halloween costume that lasts only as long as it is worn, the aging process one should not fear.
© October 31, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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