Wednesday, October 15, 2014

San Jose PD Finds Woman With iPad Clicks St. Bernards With Brandy And Licks

Sometimes writing political commentary in iambic on news events of the day gets tiresome as the news seems to be the same thing each day--the same ISIS, the same Ebola; the same round of golf or fundraiser; the same blame game and rancor between the Reds and the Blues contribute not to solving our issues but rather to gridlock and dysfunctionality. As a poet one worries that one's creative juices will be evaporated instead of flourishing.
So something different here stemming from a news item that police in San Jose used an iPad to find a woman missing in a ravine. Come with me in muse to the land of the St. Bernards and a whimsical look at technology. Hope you enjoy it.

The car rendered the buggy whip mostly obsolete
The tractor sent the horse drawn plow down to defeat
The human road of progress is littered with products and services that came to an end
Rendered obsolete or too expensive by the next technology, advancing round the bend
The annual gathering of the Friendly Saviors of St. Bernard was an anxious place
The small casks of brandy had been opened to check and taste
All the noses cleared to detect the faintest scent
To find out in the coming days where any lost skier might have went
Tails wagging, saliva dripping, hairs being quickly shed, the assembled were ready to go to work
To with their great sense of smell find the humans, save the humans from the dangers that on the mountains lurk
Before calling the meeting to order and blessing the dogs and the casks
Essential tools for the St. Bernards’ worthy tasks
The Abbot turned to the news coming out of San Jose
Turned the volume up and to his grave dismay
Learned the police were able to find a missing woman not with dogs, but with an iPad
No dogs, not even hounds, the Abbot shook his head; he was very sad
If skiers buried in snow or hikers lost on the ground
With a few clicks of an iPad could easily be found
His beloved Bernards could now be as finders obsolete
Would be hard to find homes; so many the pounds might greet
Bruno his favorite sensed that something with the Abbot was amiss
So wagging his tail he offered his cask and gave him on his hand the canine equivalent of a kiss
A St. Bernard lick that brought an immediate smile on the Abbot’s face
“Praise be to God; iPad technology my Bernards will never replace
Their noses are in at least a tie,
The brandy is the best money can buy
And the lick back to skier's childhood will transport
Compared to this, technology in the iPad comes up short”
So with finger pointed, “Up the mountain my canine friends
Your time as finders will never come to an end.”
© October 14, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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