Monday, October 13, 2014

ISIS Using Mustard Gas On The Kurds?

ISIS is brutal, heinous, barbaric and from the face of the earth should be effaced
But they are not stupid; they observe and know with Obama there can be no real red line in place
Assad used chemical weapons against his own people despite Obama’s warning so stern
No response, no reaction and not a single tomahawk so no surprise that we now learn
News showing photos of dead Kurds with characteristic mustard gas burns
ISIS is as safe as safe can be as long as boots on the ground the President spurns
ISIS goes go on the internet to recruit more jihadists but for arms it is to the brick and mortar store
With ease as the Iraqis seem to have no will to fight, ISIS captures another base for more.
The more this mess continues Iraq other than Kurdistan is a lost cause
As long as this President will not commit more than one carrier to give ISIS a good daily dose of shock and awe
Like the Germans who had combat troops next to the Italians or Rumanians to stiffen their will to fight
Or the military advisers with ARVN to insure with their prodding combat orders were done right
If we believe that an Iraq existing whether one country, two or three is our national goal
Public opinion notwithstanding, coalition lacking, and Syrian moderates not ready, time for American troops to take control
Continuing airstrikes alone is a waste of money, equipment and time and doomed to fail
Longer we persist in these futile attempts the more we look to the jihadist world as frail.
Hopefully after his 200th round of golf our CinC returns to his office refreshed
And not needing to flee in Air Force One to press the fundraising flesh
He will make time to listen carefully to his military leaders and do what has to be done
Public opinion notwithstanding to apply overwhelming force to have this war on ISIS won

© October 13, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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