Tuesday, October 28, 2014

100 Acts Of Sexual Harassment In 10 Miles In The Big Apple

We know there is War on Women in the Sharia feudal lands
Where it becomes violent with honor killings and stonings out of hand
We know the Blues’ charges of a Red War on Women is a myth to gain votes
Distract from the issues forcing Reds to defend themselves and time from issues to devote
But this poet who grew up in Alaska where good women are rare as heirloom jewels
Witnessed on a hidden video acts of harassment sexist and cruel
A woman actress aged 24 dressed in conservative black
Walking down the street in New York in daylight harassed by innuendos of losers wanting to get her into the sack
Not just once but a hundred times in 10 miles
Just walking, eyes straight ahead, no flirts, no winks, no smiles
How can you show a woman respect when she is subject to sexual verbal abuse?
When the bounds of decency and restraint are untied and sexism is set loose
100 men, almost all losers to their very core
Dumb enough or desperate enough to think any woman as to this behavior would want more
All on tape; hope it goes viral on UTube
Any women thinking of going out could memorize the faces of these rubes
The first steps to domestic violence or spousal abuse are the verbal words
Enough, time to end this non real men behavior which is absurd
My guess is a big majority of these losers were celibate or had to pay for sex
Maybe explains but does not justify their repeated harassment reflex
© October 28, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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