Friday, October 31, 2014

Negative Attack Ads Kill Compromise

Most Americans are not idiots and want to know what the candidates will try to perform
Not with partisan rhetoric and personal attacks that today seem to be the norm
How can gridlock ever be solved when your opponent you personally in a campaign attack?
Basic human nature is to shut down or retrench so any chance of compromise is fatally set back
The ads now coming out in a frenzy as the campaign finally nears and end
Are increasing the sad negative, mudslinging on both sides trend
The race card once again has by the Blues is now being dealed
If Reds are elected black youths’ fate like Brown and Martin will be sealed
Negative ads are on both sides and the more they are aired
The easier it is for the voter to see the base side of politics bared
When will the light bulb go on that the Reds will not win 60 seats?
Which means without compromise with Blues all cloture motions will go down to defeat
If the Reds do not have 60 they certainly will not have two thirds
Unless Blues join any vetoes will stand no matter the outrage heard
Debt, Jihad, Borders, Security, Taxes, Jobs, Keystone, the list goes on
When will the Reds and Blues to their rabid extremes cease being pawns?
If ever there was a reason for term limits this campaign and gridlock proves the case
If one could not make it a career, one might go to the center instead of being trapped in the fringes’ embrace
© October 31, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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