Thursday, October 2, 2014

Eric Green The First Ebola Case Here Contacted 100 Peeople

In the world of microbes the world has always been flat
Now with jets deadly diseases can reach distant shores faster than the drop of a hat
The news out of Dallas on Ebola has the city on edge and in fear
Eric Duncan coming from Liberia has Ebola and the protocols the hospital did not adhere
Ebola when caught is a complete terror
Now we face a panic because of human error
Into an ER with a fever, he was treated and sent home
To mingle with his family to give the virus a chance to roam
Basic protocol that should have been followed would have asked from whence he came
Liberia and a fever, he would have been whisked into isolation to the risk of spreading tame
Hundred people may have had contact with this virus which is not airborne
Great chance there will not be other deaths to mourn
The CDC went on to full alert and off to Dallas with a large team
Checking out the contacted and ready for public safety to quarantine
Better yet drug companies are working on an Ebola vaccine
Whoever succeeds will be rolling in wads of green
We may have dodged the bullet from this microbe terror
Mistakes we will always have; we are never free from human error
© October 2, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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