Sunday, October 12, 2014

Declare War on Ebola with Research Dollars Not 3000 Troops

A tragic moment in history in this country has just taken place
In Texas we have just had our first homegrown Ebola case
A health care worker who treated Duncan Clark
Now tests positive for the Ebola mark
The news flash should give us great fear
It says the health care worker was wearing full protective gear
One only hopes that the health care worker was in normal dress
When in the ER for the first visit Clark’s high fever he or she gave antibiotics to it  suppress.
If this brave, unnamed health worker's first contact was on the second and last trip
Watch the panic rise and confidence in the CDC begin to slip
First all of us should put this person in our intense prayers
Something about being an angel of mercy then exposed to mortal risk is not fair
Second, this virus has been on the scene since 1976
Well known that up to 90% die as opposed to just getting sick
It has come and it has gone but only in Africa where for Pharma so little money to be earned
Time to realize with Clark and this new case a lesson to be learned
For deadly microbes the world is very flat and there are no walls or doors to lock
We can no more seal off potential carriers from Africa than our own borders block
The developed world, hopefully led by the U.S. needs to declare an Ebola War
Not on the victims but on the virus or I fear the cases here will slowly soar
Whatever dollars it takes the world must spend for new drugs and vaccines
Ere the rise of cases first in Spain, now here swamp our ability to quarantine
There is one thing on this planet that will kill even this deadly microbe
That is the profit motive that drives most humans around this globe
Pharma must know that we will fund the research and support the vaccine sales
Without either vaccines or new drugs any effort to contain this disease in Africa will fail
If we dither on declaring this war and Ebola is given the time to like most viruses mutate
And become airborne like the Spanish Flu, God help humanity's fate
Third our troops being deployed into West Africa are going into a viral harm’s way
Without any debate as to whether their potential sacrifices the outbreak will allay
Lastly when it comes to the FDA they need to be not on fast but hyper speed track
The world needs the new drugs yesterday not way off if we are going to win this attack
© October 12, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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