Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Netanyahu Is A Chickensh*t ???? Obama A Lame Duck!

Maybe in his formative years in Islamic lands Obama must have often heard
“Israel should be destroyed”--an idea that except for the jihadist is viewed by sane people as absurd
For someone whose agenda is governed not by policy but by politics,
Sometimes it is hard to understand what makes this President tick
The Jewish vote as a whole is not huge but it votes overwhelming Blue
Obama making comments on an open mike adverse to Bibi in six days he may well rue
The Jewish vote is realizing that Obama may have a strong barely concealed Anti-Israel bent
Come next Wednesday he and his Blue defeated senators may wonder where that Jewish support went
Israel’s foray into Gaza to root out the source of Hamas rocket rain
Was defended by this administration with support tepid and lame
Now we learn from the Atlantic from an unnamed administration source that Bibi is a chickensh*t
The ineptness of this administration’s when dealing in foreign policy never seems to quit
Putting his troops into the Gaza tunnels like our Vietnam era tunnel rats
And launching airstrike after airstrike into Gaza unlike our Iraq sorties few and far between like gnats
While hearing the voices and videos of outrage over the Palestinians deaths
Even by us, his ally, barely under our breaths
Describes not the acts or resolve of a chickensh*t
But rather a bold leader who in defense of his country will not quit
With remarks like these no wonder the world shakes their head in wonder
Our friends do not trust us and our foes know there will be no shock and awe only empty verbal thunder.
Susan Rice, the it’s a video queen, must have her head stuck deep into the sand
To assure us that the relationship with Israel after comments like these is peachy and grand.
© October 29, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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