Monday, October 13, 2014

Orange County Hit With Three Cases of Enterovirus D68

We know the world is flat especially for microbes
Seeking always for a host’s entry points to probe
Ebola is the current scare because although hard to transmit
When it comes to lethality its strands are the microbes’ holy writ
Panic in the U.S. over Ebola is in the fall air
Even since not yet airborne the chances here are rare
Close contact with bodily fluids and a break in the skin
Bingo the Ebola virus with its 21 day incubation is now in
Another unwelcome virus is quickly spreading across our land
This one not as fatal but much harder against in to take a stand
Enterovirus 68 has now made with three cases its appearance in Orange County
A devastating nonpolio virus ready to reap its microbe bounty
This potential killer with two kills on its platter
Brings home the old adage that washing hands matter
Airborne, easily spread by hands, cough and sneeze
Fever, difficulty in breathing to make one wheeze
Our microbe “friend” shorthanded at EV-D68 attacks mainly the very young
Those infants whose immunity system has just begun
691 cases so far and rising but at least the very young do not work
And most do not go to school where microbes really lurk
The mantra is to shake hands with your fist
If an urge to sneeze not into your elbow that urge resist
Soap and water washings, hand wipes, and counter sprays are the holy grails
Frequently applied and this EV-D68 will peter out and its spread fail
Leaving another reminder that we humans may be at the top of the food chain
But sadly a host of unpleasant and deadly microbes share our domain.
© October 13, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet.
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