Thursday, July 30, 2020

Vote for Biden Is Really a Vote for His VP Pick

Usually the VP pick is designed to up the electoral votes of a region or a state
Or while the presidential candidate takes high ground the VP pick is the attack dog against  the opposing slate
Voters normally vote on the qualifications and like on the person in the number one slot
But this year it may be different than any other presidential campaign fought
Unless you are a complete Blue fanatic who no matter the candidate will Blue always vote
VP slot is so much more important as the chances of one candidate finishing his term are remote
Without a doubt Joe Biden is not the mental man he thought he was in the past
Today even a simple sentence seems without a teleprompter beyond his grasp
The gaffes are more frequent and although they once made us laugh
Are now more like a sign that mentally his flag is at half staff
Lurking in the shadows in addition to the ongoing fade
Are the past two cranial aneurysm history waiting to his life end or at least degrade
If he strokes or his mind degrades Edith cannot appear in the form of Jill
The 25th Amendment will require the VP the office of the President now fill
A vote for Biden assuming he leaves the bunker to campaign into election night
Is really a vote for his VP pick that he will soon reveal to join him in the election fight
‘Hopefully there are some voters who will put aside their Trump distaste
And will vote for him so chance for an economic recovery as the virus fades will not go to waste
© July 30, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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