Wednesday, July 22, 2020

As Deaths and Shootings in Chicago Rise Out of Control Lightfoot Ignores Feds Seeks Help from Citizens Insteadbrofe

In Chicago when daily the bullets start to fly
And Mayor Lightfoot offers of Trump help continues to deny
It’s almost always only victims of color who are wounded or die
Yet from Black Lives Matter not a peep or outcry
To them a black life not killed by a cop does not matter
Ignore when the trigger pulled by a black that a victim and his family’s life is shattered
Day and especially night black and browns wear on them a huge bulls eyes
Whether just sleeping, being in a park, walking on a street, at a funeral this could be the day you die
From history and legends we learn
That a despot Nero fiddled when Rome burned
Mayor Lightfoot may not fiddle but like an ostrich her head is buried in the sand
As blood from 385 shooting deaths and 1765 woundings flows across Chicago land
The only response from this mayor is to warn Karen to watch out
And to aldermen who complain to unleash a stream of profanity cursing shouts
After 15 blacks were shot attending a funeral and a three year old girl shot in the head
Mayor Lightfoot reaches out for help not to Trump but to the public instead
An unarmed posse going up against an army of amoral felons and thugs
When throughout her administration they have been hiding from endless waves of slugs
Good luck with that Lightfoot hope the morgues have capacity to spare
As the sound of more and more  deadly shots fill the air
What is frightening is that the carnage will get worse
The few federal agents Trump is sending to protect federal buildings will not beat back the defund the police curse
© July 22, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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