Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Law and Order Trumps Defund Police

On one hand the anger created by Floyd killing is stoking the defund the police drive
On the other with budget cuts more and more citizens usually of color are not coming home alive
New York with its $1 billion police budget cut is trying to Chicago ape
Hard to believe in shootings and deaths may soon overtake
Cities across this nation usually by in almost all cases by Blues led
Are seeing their residents of color shot in growing numbers and dying as they bled
While blacks in urban cities at all times during the day confront a deadly Russian roulette
If not shot down in the streets or in their homes only a question of why not yet
Biden in his basement over the black on black shootings is so far removed
Doubtful even with black lives lost he will not BLM in the slightest reprove
But Trump knows that the first duty of a government is to keep its citizens safe
Hard to achieve when in urban areas bullets so numerous almost like being strafed
When it comes to wanting to be safe most of us will vote for law and order
Not for the burnings, lootings, killings and leftist mob inspired disorder
In the few weeks remaining before we go to the polls and our votes cast
How many more shootings and killings before we need to make Trump’s term 4 more years last?
© July 15, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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