Friday, July 3, 2020

Milano Claims Redskins Use Is Racist

The PC Warriors must think they are lobsters or crabs that to grow must shed their shell
Without protection the slightest bothersome word makes them want to send you to PC Hell
In a PC world of the thinnest of skins to them every word can be a slight
Knowing especially when their charge is racist most Americans shy from a fight
In the case of the furor over the use of the Redskins name
When the charge of racism is tacked on to the users shame
Images of the Indian Bureau oppressing the Indians under their heel
They and they alone knowing what’s best for the Indians and how they feel
Alyssa Milano is once again in a full on rage
As she hurls racist insults at the Redskins from her leftist stage
In her biased and elitist mind
How can the Redskins to the use of the name be so blind?
Totally ignores surveys of Native Americans who by majorities near 90 percent
Are not offended by its use by the team and to the trash can do not urge the name to sent
Only in America can one by memorizing a script and then skillfully the character emote
Can cause us to believe because of the character she is smart and we must heed on issues how she votes
© July 3, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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