Tuesday, July 7, 2020

All Black Lives Matter Not Just Those Killed by Cops

We seem to be in the midst of a Culture Clash
Where under the guise of finding and ending “racism” protesters want to throw our past into the trash
The low hanging fruit of Confederate statues were first to feel the wrath
How can we honor generals with statues who committed treason against the Union with their military craft?
Anyone who fought against the Union was a blemish whose statue had to be removed
If the city leaders did not consent and did not immediate destruction or  removal approve
Then the protesters toppled the offending statue to the ground
Then off to the next one like a pack of baying wild hounds
Next to fall would be those who happened to own slaves
A mortal sign destroying a reputation that could not be saved
Washington, Jefferson, Jackson even the savior of the Union Grant
Must be removed or destroyed, cannot be honored was the chilling rant
Like Stalinists of old the left wants our history to be subject to the airbrush
Anyone espousing the ideals of the Founding Fathers was an untermensch to be crushed
Heroes to replace the felled statues from the left only blank stares
No mention of black fathers who were not MIA and with a mother the duties of parenting to share
This Culture Clash seems to have the Black Lives Matter as one of its founding roots
Born of the need to prevent police in dealing with blacks being too quick to shoot
The killings of unarmed blacks by police is in our system of justice an unacceptable flaw
Easy to see why communities of color riot in protests to killings  as a final straw
But BLM is totally missing  the protests of killiong blacks mark
When the killing is black on black shooting the outrage is silent quickly goes dark
For BLM a dead black life only matters when the shooter is a cop
Not a fellow black citizen when in places like Chicago or Baltimore the killings never stop
Decades of Blue run cities where mayors sit by and ignore the black on black shooting butcher’s bill
Yet on Election Day they appear expecting that blacks ignored will fill with their votes the election till
We could end all police killings of unarmed blacks and it would not make the slightest dent
In the number of black victims to the morgues in the Blue inner cities being daily sent
So the BLM movement invokes a scorched earth on businesses and homes after a police shooting
Destroying jobs as a ladder out of poverty and dreams with violence and looting
Change  the slogan to “All Black Lives Matter” not just those killed by cops
End destroying evidence of the past and the overused charge of systematic racism drop
Then we might have a chance
To racial harmony advance
Achieve goal of all men are created equal
Not another burning, shooting and looting sequel
© July 7, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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