Sunday, July 5, 2020

July 5, 2020 Like Davis Recall Newsom

Millions of Californians out of work and without unemployment checks
Because Newsom’s EDD did not on wave of jobless in the slightest reflect
From far less than a 50,000 jobless claims in a normal week
Totally unprepared when millions out of work tried to unemployment checks seek
When you force “nonessential” business to close why would you expect wages to be paid going ahead?
Business especially small businesses short of savings could not keep workers on and laid off instead
No effort was made by Newsome to see if the EDD had any chance to handle the surge
Of millions of laid off workers when from the gainfully ranks due to shutdowns they were purged
For sure the virus was spreading and spreading fast
No one had a cure or vaccine to insure the pandemic would not last
But maybe a good part for the increasing spread
Was complete lack of protection nursing homes leaving staff and patients dead
So without warning and no backup plans in place Newsom shut the economy down
What was a thriving growing economy overnight was crushed to the ground
Newsom’s EDD almost immediately melted down and quickly crashed
Leaving millions of Californians without any means of help from EDD and certainly no cash
Davis was recalled when the deficit exploded and he raised vehicle registration fees
Our deficit has exploded to new heights without any attempts to cut spending sprees
While citizens are in worsening conditions
Newsom keeps up aid to illegals as part of leftist tradition
Newsom did not cause the pandemic, blame that on the Chinese and their deception and lies
Life would have been so much better if on the ease of human to human transmission they did not deny
Jury is out on whether with social distancing and reduced capacity
We could have saved most of economy while still attacking virus’ tenacity
Under his watch he shut down the economy and unemployment checks hit the wall
Jobless in straits too gruesome and why Newsome must face a petition to recall
© July 5, 2020 Micjhael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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