Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Left Should Not Shor's Advice on Riots Ignore

David Shor was fired from The  Atlantic for tweeting that violence is counter productive for the BLM cause
Quoting data on election results favorable to Reds due to deadly  black rioting that was not flawed
Recent scenes throughout the nation show initially peaceful protests over the death of George Floyd
Quickly degenerating into rioting, burning and massive lootings, a cause for justice swallowed into the anarchy void
How could rioters protest Floyd’s death with their arms and carts loaded with looted ware?
Damaging businesses already hit with COVID 19 losses and little capital left to spare
Nothing not even death sentences to the Minneapolis cops causing his death will bring him back
But burning down and destroying or looking businesses to close them down with their jobs blacks will now lack
Shor’s firing for his tweet can only be described as a raw deal
But it also the total intolerance to questioning leftist ideas reveals
Free speech is one of the bedrocks that has enabled this nation to excel
Totally threatened by repressive acts of the left that want to make the lives of those who disagree with them a living hell
Shor was lucky to quickly find another job
But now another creative mind silenced to toe the line or that security will be robbed
Jim Crow was dealt a death blow paid by deaths of non violent marchers, bus riders and lunch counter sitters
Showing incredible self control to not physically fight back or arm no matter how angry or bitter
If in 1965 the marchers led by Lewis trying to cross that Selma bridge were packing or otherwise armed
And when the State Troopers advanced with batons raised against marchers trying to inflict bodily harm
The support for the Civil Rights Act of 1965 would have vanished like a pond on a hot Death Valley Day
White conscience demanding the end of discrimination seeing violence on both sides would have faded away
No matter what the violent left wants to preach
Non violence is the surest way for black goals to be reached
  © July 29, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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