Friday, July 3, 2020

Half Full Half Empty Or Advocacy Shattered

For some people the glass is half empty while others view it as half full
It all depends on whether the forces of pessimism or optimism exert the stronger pull
In the studios of the MSM covering Trump, the glass is empty and shattered
Liquid flowing across the floor as advocacy not objectivity to them only matters
The June job report came out with 4.8 million jobs to add to the employment tally
Predictably on the news that should rejoice us all and give hope, the market shot up in a rally
The MSM to their credit actually reported the favorable news
But then followed with dire predictions in a optimism damping slew
“The numbers are a momentary flash in the pan
Just watch as surge in infections will force another wave of closures across the land”
Listening to the pundits is like listening to fanatics that hope someone they detest will fail
Praying 24/7 the virus will take the winds out of Trump’s recovery sails
Same for the Mt. Rushmore speech tonight
When a cast of pundits droned on about the fires the fireworks would light
When that didn’t happen the cameras were not on them
Too bad as we could see their anger and the lack of fire causing winds condemn
Each time the “journalists” of MSM let loose with another biased anti-Trump rip
When will the station executives wake up to ratings dropping and ad revenue slip?
 © July 3, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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