Friday, July 3, 2020

As We Foolishly Tear down Statues of Our Past How To Replace?

As the movement to erase our past continues across the land
Toppling and defacing statues with protests getting out of hand
Easy to remove statues honoring men who for whatever was their reason
Stayed loyal to their states and against the nation took up arms which is treason
Much less defensible when in a time past when many Americans owned slaves
To deface or tear down statues of men who valiant service to the nation gave
Where would we be if Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Grant, and Roosevelt had not answered the call?
More likely than not as nation far far younger without a Constitution and prosperity to have been stalled
The past is not the realm of men and women exclusively in their lives only saints
In hindsight today acts like owning slaves or war against Indians to their standing today taints
But to airbrush them out of history or physical evidence of their existence erase
We forfeit the chance to learn mistakes and the means to issues that plague us like racism to erase
If we are not to have empty pedestals or holes in the ground what statues should we use to replace?
Given the overwhelming black children born out of wedlock and raised in single parent homes
Condemning such children to end up more likely in the poverty or criminal zone
My choice would be outside of any urban park entrance
A black father and mother holding hands with child or children as to the park they advance
A great tragedy that Black Lives Matter and the left totally ignores
Is that for children born out of wedlock and/or a with the father MIA, poverty and crime through the roof soars
© July 3, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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