Monday, July 13, 2020

Newsom Shuts California Down Again

Just when we thought it was safe to go into the water again the Newsom Great White appeared
Shutting down 80 percent of the state’s population so past gains should disappear
He totally was MIA and asleep at the switch when his first shutdown came into play
In a system where 50,000 new jobless a week would be the norm, 100’s of thousands filed each day
A system totally unprepared to handle the exponential increase in claims
As should have been foreseen crashed and went down in flames
Taking with it the hopes of receive an unemployment check
That would help the chaos of lost income deflect
Californians facing a triple bewitching time with no hope of an early CV cure
The $600 a week extra at the end of July will no longer to unemployed inure
No assurance that Newsom has fixed the EDD’s unemployment payments mess
Millions more Californians once again to face severe financial distress
With daycare shut down and schools now most likely across the state staying shut
In L.A.’s case due to union noneducation demands that were corrupt
Parents with elementary school age kids are going to go berserk
Will be next to impossible to both go back to work
This shut down will for many businesses be the final straw
They’ll close down and from being employers withdraw
We must as one try to halt the CV spread
But we are still in the dark no matter how many new cases how many will end up dead
We should be trying to our utmost to not in hindsight point blame fingers
As we pray the deadly aspects of this killer will weaken and not linger
It is next to impossible to unite a nation to fight an unseen viral reaper
When each side is blaming the other for more blood on hands as divide between us gets deeper
Fix the EDD mess and get the checks coming out
Increase even more the tests to see where virus is moving about
Insure that everyone even a president is wearing a mask
If anyone within a six foot zone, can’t be too hard a task
Everyone sacrifices everyone the burden shares
We will climb out however slowly from this despair
© July 13, 2020 the Alaskanpoet

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