Friday, July 17, 2020

50 Nights of Anarchy in Portland

Noah in his Ark only 40 days of rain did he and his animals have to endure
In the City of Roses 50 nights of riots and looting and safety of citizens no longer can be insured
The protests peaceful over the death of George Floyd that ignited a wave of indignation
A black handcuffed with hands behind his back being slowly choked to death merits only condemnation
It was fitting and proper that both whites and blacks over what looked like an execution peacefully took to the streets
Caught on video outrage feelings and maybe a chance to racism against blacks defeat
But what the Seattle mayor termed the summer of love did not long last long
Peaceful protests hijacked by burnings, lootings and violence that did not belong
The memories of George Floyd’s death like the roses in a vase without wate  have wilted away
Replaced by days and nights of anarchy and destruction of property on display
Mayor Wheeler in trying to stem the riots is clearly over his leftist head
More likely than not he would like to advance his defund the police agenda instead
As federal officers move into the city to protect federal employee and federal buildings from flames
Wheeler and the governor bemoaning their lack of spine point at Trump the rioting blame
No Justice No peace may be the BLM cry
But violence will any needed justice deny
Racism is an issue that we all should try to meet
But not while cities like Portland are crushed under rioting in their streets
© July 17, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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