Thursday, July 2, 2020

LA Mayor Garcetti Eats Crow Riots Spread COVID-19

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom to assemble are essential to a democracy preserve
No wonder these rights are the first in the Bill of Rights for the protection they deserve
In recent years on college campuses the freedom of speech has taken a major beating
As once liberals to defend that right seem to be always retreating
Opposing views to the leftist PC are viewed as not being worthy of being heard
Something about rational debate to their core makes them afeard
Freedom of speech is permitted only as long as with the crowd you agree
But you are an untermensch if you in the slightest way disagree
The right to assemble is a protected goal
But to the left only if it is in a supporting leftist role
And when assembles become riots protesting racism it becomes a case of no harm no foul
Just protestors exercising first amendment rights  the Blues and MSM howls
Even if a pandemic is spreading through the land to infect and kill
To daily after struggles with ventilators be added to the butchers’ bill
To the left protesters massed together do not spread the virus is the cry
Yet worship in a church with reduced capacity social distance and masks they deny
Finally L.A. that has been racked with violent looting and burning by maskless thugs
Is faced with a dose of deadly reality they can no longer sweep under the rug
Mayor Garcetti who from virus spreading act the rioters did not see fit to condemn
Now eating crow, hat in hand forced to acknowledge riots spread and did not stem
A landscape of burned buildings and looted stores
To be followed with more infections and death we cannot ignore
Blues in power on this virus can to the looting forces no longer pander
Social distance and masks for goose of churches is just as good as for the rioting ganders
© July 2, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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