Friday, July 31, 2020

Obama Shamelessly Politicizes Lewis' Celebration of Life

Mark Antony proclaimed “I come to bury Caesar” not to him praise
Obama ignored advice and used Lewis’ celebration to vicious attacks raise
Never listened to his wife who proclaimed “when they go low we go high”
Someone with decency which Obama must lack would not on a celebration of life rely
To make it a platform to politicize Lewis’ life
To unleash the partisan dogs and add to the election year strife
What goes around Obama comes around as in the case of Flynn you may find
Your politicizing the FBI on him and Trump the American people will no longer be blind
Rather than inserting yourself in Biden’s basement bunker campaign
Why not ape other ex-Presidents and from partisan rhetoric refrain
Go to your Presidential Library drawings and add to the height and thickness of the surrounding walls
As gunfire from black on black shootings continues unabated and the rising black death rate appalls
Become a spokesperson that all black lives matter not just those shot by cops
Become a crusading force trying to get black on black shootings in Chicago to drop
That is a legacy to be proud of and your positive role in history to be forever enshrined
Not a legacy of trying to drag a faded mental corpse across the election victory finishing line!
© July 31, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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