Thursday, July 16, 2020

Portland City of Roses Becomes Riot City

A rose is a flower of beauty and color often used to love and romance seek
Petals burst forth on long or short stems in bouquets treasured and unique
To the wonderment of all the Rose Parade in Pasadena millions enthralled
Taking place before the CV pandemic, thanks to China, putting life on hold and economy in free fall
No wonder Portland with its Rose Garden with rows and rows of different roses to view
A garden of tranquility with the eyes bathed in all manner of floral hues
Is called the City of Roses but is now seeing the name replaced
As nightly riots, burnings and lootings have erupted all over the place
For six weeks the city has become Riot City with the original protests over the death of Floyd by Marxists and anarchists hijacked
Federal buildings under siege, police ambushed and violently attacked
A mayor Wheeler who seems incapable to his city from violent mobs regain
No call for the National Guard as citizen safety and security goes down the drain
Mayor Wheeler like leftist fellow mayor De Blasio must want to defund police till they disappear
As shootings in Portland this month have risen from 11 to 42 over last year
Wheeler is seeking to shut down the PPD gun reduction violence group
Making it easier for felons at citizens to aim and shoot
Trump has sent in federal officers to federal property protect
Yet with riots each day for 47 days record, Wheeler effective help chooses to reject
Portland is also famous for its numerous micro brews
In the past after smelling the roses fine places to head to
But tear gas and lack of social distance may have curtailed that social,l pleasurable joy
Leaving residents locked in homes wondering when Wheeler gets a spine and police and National Guard against the rioters finally decides to employ
© July 16, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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