Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trump Press Conference Look Like JFK 235 Days And Counting

Trump may have his warts and a tendency to tweet from the hip
But one thing is clear in his amazing campaign to the nomination trip
When it comes to press conferences he is devoid of fear
While from the press Hillary’s handlers are always trying to steer
At the end of July 27 236 days will have come and gone without a single conference with the press
At the start of his press conference today he wondered out loud what is Hillary trying to suppress
Like factories touting safety post a sign daily that tout the number of days since the last accident
The Reds should post a sign of the number of days since the days of a press conference with this deceiving candidate for president
The 4th Estate is being reduced to mushrooms held in the dark under  speeches and ads spread
While Trump without delay wades into press conferences taking multiple questions, often hostile, instead
From the early days of the rope-a-press to the stealth debates scheduled so no one would watch
When it comes to the role of the free press holding government’s feet to the fire as to Hillary completely botched
When Obama holds a press conference it’s like watching a professor drone on in a lecture
On and on to limit the number of questions raised, always looking for a way to the American people and the press hector
Hillary has avoided the press like the e-bola plague and viewed them with disdain
Large speed bumps in the way of her ermine fitting for her coronation reign
Compare the number of questions Trump took today
That Kennedy would take and one would have thought Kennedy was on display
Accents may be different, Trump heavy and in better shape
Style aof answering and number of answers almost the same and as a side note both with wives that would make you gape  
If our “free press” continues to grant to Hillary a “get of press conference card”
Allows her on issues like her private server spread her deceptions without calling her on those canards
They have ceased to properly do their job
Which is against candidates and officials the tough questions lob
Our “free press” save Fox will be reduced to cheerleading lap dogs parading as journalists but clearly mistaken
On a path littered with the tattered scraps of our Bill of Rights to dark places where we should not want to be taken
© July 27, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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