Friday, July 29, 2016

Hillary 4.0

Marshall McCluhan once made an observation that was very sage
He observed that the media was the message
In politics as in business the packaging trumps and sells the contents
Hillary’s speech at the end of the DNC was to that idea an affirming testament
Hillary 4.0 as a warm caring mother without a deceptive bone in her body was presented
A leader for all Americans regardless of party to work to send them to the unity tent
Reaching out to Sanders supporters who were still in a foul mood
Not happy with her or the DNC with its hacked emails revealing they had been screwed
Her tones were softer, less strident
The first 100 days detailed on how infrastructure money would spent
Paid for by the corporations and the highest one percent
No more relying on increasing debt from money by the Chinese lent
But rhetoric and divisiveness are hard to in one moment quickly and forever shed
She attacked 22 times the new leader of the Reds
Implying the person who when baited is far too quick to respond with a tweet
Cannot be trusted with the launch codes and the world in the blizzard of a nuclear winter will go down to defeat
The campaign of 1964 all other again with the little girl in a mushroom cloud to disappear
She really tried to stoke what has to be most people’s number one fear
At least it was a try, a step in the right direction
For all the repackaging for her sadly there are not enough porters to dispose of her baggage of deception.
       © July 29, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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