Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hillary Faces Storms Weather and Political

As the Blues sans Sanders Army moves toward its Hillary election goal
Maybe Mother Nature not impressed by their tribute of war of coal
Or maybe she is trying to douse the passions of the anti Hillary flames
Give Hillary a unity boost to the White House for her campaign train
After days after days of stifling oppressive heat
The City of Brotherly Love faces rain coming down in sheets
Talk about a monkey wrench
Attendees to get totally drenched
Bernie’s Army has rain notwithstanding vowed to protest Hillary and the DNC outside
While others inside try to chant her down and deny her coronation ride
The RNC with all its excitement of Cruz going off script
Seems to be unifying while the Blues seem to be burying the goal of unity in a crypt
The curtain on this drama is coming down

Soon like the Phoenix to rise again in all the campaign towns

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