Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wasserman Schulz Muzzled at DNC Kaine Not Sanders Choice

Debbie Wasserman Schulz the rabid ideologue who is so easy to detest
Will no longer speak at the DNC and will not over its proceedings preside
20,000 emails from the DNC clearly show she failed the objectivity test
She will be allowed to enter the convention reduced to a spectator roll along for the ride
In the words of a party leader this divisive rhetoric virus has been quarantined
While the Sanders forces are seething
One doubts at on the TV screens covering the DNC she will be seen
The unity mantra of the DNC shows signs of trouble teething
Sanders as he should be is still in somewhat of a snit
Saying for progressive values Warren would have been a better VP choice
So far unlike Trump’s implication on why Hillary wants Kaine as VP next to her sit
Doubt if it is because he speaks fluent Spanish with a proper voice
More likely when it comes to money, Hillary and Kaine are kindred souls
Not above expecting from lobbyists or supplicants gifts or speaking fees
In Kaine’s case $160,000 in gifts over 8 years to achieve his financial goals
In Hillary’s case millions upon millions in her pay to play at State shaking the dollar fruit from the supplicants’ trees
Like birds of those plumed by the same corrupt insider feathers
No wonder why these two wish to run for the White House together
© July 24, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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