Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mosby Failed In Quest To Be Celebrity Star--Disbar!

Marilyn Mosby represents the absolute worse of our criminal justice system which in Baltimore appears to be broke
A power hungry D.A.  who in pursuit of her own celebrity and higher office desires the flames of racial divide stoked
It is tragic that in police custody, Freddie Gray died
But Mosby the probable cause bar to charge defied
The city paid over six million to settle a for certain wrongful death case to be filed
Larger than the sum of all cases in the last five years before Mosby’s publicity suit even went to trail
Although the agreement would have included a non admission of liability clause
The average juror would have concluded that the Baltimore PD broke the laws
After 0 for 3 the state came to its senses and all charges were finally dropped
 Mosby the coward sent an underling to feel the court’s wrath yet continued to defend her charging these innocent 6 cops
Worse she hypocritically pointed her finger of blame
At the lack of “independent” police investigation--talk about an excuse so lame
The charged cops have filed suit for malicious prosecution against this incompetent publicity seeking D.A.
Hopefully the city will fire Mosby and will settle along the lines of the dollars paid to Freddie Gray
As to Marilyn Mosby her quest for celebrity status should be forever discarded to the trash
If the Bar in Maryland has any integrity, she should feel the sting of the disbarment lash
© July 28, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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