Saturday, July 16, 2016

More Gulens Fewer Islamists Would Have Saved Fauzia Azeem From Honor Killing

 A tale of two news items should give us pause
One is the tale of Fethullah Gulen who Erdogan claims is violating Turkey's laws
The other is Fauzia Azeem, the Kim Khardasian of Pakistan
Who just joined the ranks of honor killing victims that plague Muslim families and lands
A beautiful young model with hundreds of thousands following her selfie posts on her social media page
Her offer to striptease on the internet if Pakistan beat India in cricket created great outrage
The last straw was a video of  her wearing a noted cleric's cap and sitting on his arm chair
For a devout like her brother more than he could bear
To erase his "dishonor" in his sick mind he had no choice
Strangled her in an honor killing, ending another progressive, creative voice   
Gulen is a cleric and Muslim scholar who supports secular democracies that radical Islam ignores
Progressive views on the rights of women, and to with other faiths have dialog and open doors
I am not sure how many adherents there in the Gulen Movement
But financial support covert of otherwise would be money well spent
Mosques here and mosques around the world should be encouraged to the Gulen Movement teach
Radical Islam is corrupt and the minds of the young as to a better Islamic path we must spend whatever it takes to reach 
© July 15, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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