Monday, July 25, 2016

"Hillary Standard" Has Kept Her Out Of Jail

Hillary has used the gender card and race card so many times she sounds like the shepherd Peter on the hill
Crying for the umpteenth time for attention “Wolf!” as finally a real wolf moves in to his sheep kill
The villagers after too many times of hearing the false cry and then dropping their tools
Stay home like maybe the Sanders supporters as  they are tired being made fools
Last night on 60 Minutes Hillary stooped to new delusion low
Claiming a Hillary Standard on her that her enemies have been trying to bestow
The Hillary Standard enables that “right wing conspiracy” to allege accusations that are not true
A victim card to deflect her lack of accomplishments in order to the voters continue to woo
I never thought this poet would with a statement by her actually agree
There are two standards one for her and Bill the other for you and me
Under the Hillary Standard she and Bill are above the law and in the eyes of mainstream media can do no wrong
Deaf ears to her words, blind to her acts, a free pass to push her to the White House where they believe she belongs
James Comey was coerced by Obama and Lynch to issue her a get out of jail card
But if anyone thinks she has not been lying on the issue of her server that is a thought they must discard
According to Comey “no emails contained classified material”—a lie
According to Comey “I turned over to State all work related emails”—a lie
According to Comey “no emails were marked classified”—a lie
According to Comey “I wanted to use one Blackberry only for convenience”—a lie
And yet again and again she to the press and the American public continued to deny
To the laws that apply to the rest of us continue to defy
If any of us had filed signed a declaration under perjury that all emails had been returned with the District Court
Our days of not being held in contempt would have been very, very short
If any of us decided to half of the emails on the server destruct
We would have been quickly charged with justice to obstruct
The flow of funds in speaking fees to Bill and gifts to the Clinton Foundation
From supplicants seeking favors from state by private entities and foreign nations
In a word when it comes to quid pro quo reeks
She is not fit for the office she seeks
Without the Hillary Standard she would be awaiting trial to send her to prison or jail
Hard to facing time behind prison to effectively hit the campaign trail
© July 25, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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