Monday, July 18, 2016

Bimbo Express for Air Force One or Camelot

Not since the glory days of Camelot do we have a chance to witness such beauty on display
Assuming of course that Donald Trump wins on Election Day.
Donald Trump may be the master of the Art of the Deal
But when it comes to beauty, smarts, and grace, Melanie Trump is the real deal
I remember quite clearly back in the 60’s the ally that was the biggest pain in the ass was France
But when de Gaulle met Jacqueline he panted like a puppy before her glance
JFK was no fool and at the beginning of his France trip
He smiled, then “I am the husband of Jacqueline” self deprecating quip
I can easily see Putin melting before her smile and eyes
Try so hard for his envy of Trump to disguise
Contrast that image with that of having Bill as the First Man
A sexual predator fond of cigars and groping hands
News today that victims of his pal’s Epstein’s sexual abuses of minors have filed suit in court
To unseal the findings as required by the law never notified to against a mild deal retort
Epstein’s luxury plane was known as the Bimbo Express
Bill was a frequent passenger often without his Secret Service what debauchery does that suggest?
Once again a double standard comes to mind
When it comes to the Clintons justice has 20/15 vision and is far from blind
Just another thought as we go to the polls in November to on this most important election vote
A sexual predator roaming the White House or another Camelot with pennants flying and a drawbridge always down over a golden moat?
       © July 18, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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