Thursday, July 21, 2016

Kasich And Cruz A Pair Of Spoiled Brats That Lose

Kasich who touted himself during the primary campaign as the only adult in the room
Has found the time machine to send him back to child time as unity in the party faces doom
Kasich is acting like a spoiled brat who brought the only soccer ball to a pickup game
But not picked on the best team left with his ball for which he should be ashamed
Pouting on the sidelines silently rooting that Trump and his fellow Reds go down in flames
A Hillary in the White House with four more years of Obama, Kasich we can then blame
News flash to Kasich--Trump won and you, Cruz and the other 14 lost
Get out of the time machine, become an adult for this nation cannot bear the Hillary win cost
If you cannot become an adult then at least man up and change to being a Blue
And then as an elected official to the voters it is time for you to say adieu 
It was an omen that Kasich and Cruz like the crew moving deck chairs on the Titanic about to sink
In the last days of the primary campaign tried to band together as their campaign approached the extinction brink
Last night Cruz in his speech clearly showed that he like Kasich is like a spoiled brat who didn’t get his way
Refused to honor his word, a solemn pledge now retracted that he refused to obey
Trump hit the nail on the head
Not a man of integrity but an unliked “Lying Ted” instead
Why Trump allowed this spoiled brat prime time stage last night made no sense
Especially when today the focus is on Cruz and not where it should be on the speech of Pence
Poets love to write in rhyme and so are the only ones who tolerate a spoiled brat like Cruz
After hearing the boos and jeers to your lack of endorsement, you pathetic spoiled brat, you forever lose!
 © July 21, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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