Friday, July 15, 2016

Coup In Turkey

You have to give it to the military of the Turks
In a shifting presidential power grab and creeping Sharia drift they did not shirk
In a world where radical Islam is at war with civilization and another soft target attack always lurks
The military stepped in with a coup to restore the nonsecular vision of  Mustafa Ataturk
Who after World War I broke the stranglehold of mullahs and imams
Started a path for Turkey to be more of a Western leaning land
Erdogan was becoming more and more imperial and jailing the free press
While doing nothing to the flow of ISIS recruits across his border suppress
Like Morsi in Egypt who was showing his Muslim Brotherhood colors in spades
While the visions of democracy and tolerance in Egypt were beginning to fade
Was overthrown by Egypt’s military and rots in prison waiting for his execution date
Erdogan is in hiding and should face the same fate
When it comes to standing by the military of our allies Obama’s record is less than stellar
Too long on empty rhetoric, too short on action, line in the sand taleteller
Erdogan is not our friend
He really is part of a growing Islamist trend
Would have been nice for Obama not to jumped into the support Erdogan fray
A knee jerk reaction that gives our allies in the Middle East consternation and dismay
© July 15, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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