Thursday, July 7, 2016

Another Traffic Stop Another Killing By A Cop

It is so easy to rush to judgment when too often blacks shot and killed by police seems to be the new norm
In Minnesota we now have another traffic stop turned into a deadly storm
The facts as this poet writes are not yet  completely in
But clearly for race relations a lose-lose and no way a win
A cafeteria manager not a gang banger stopped for a broken tail light
Carrying a concealed weapon with a permit now will not see the morning light
Informed the officer he had a permit to carry a gun and was reaching for his ID
Most people do not carry a gun in their back pocket and a wallet not a gun one would expect to see
Not sure whether the killing of blacks by police is becoming an increasing trend
Or whether with cell phone cameras easier to report but it must end
Likewise the BLM shields that feel they are wearing not a shield but a bulls eye
Jumpy and too quick to pull the trigger such that many more BLMs and BLM shields are certainly going to die
At least the governor was quick to act and seek federal help from the DOJ
One can only hope an objective search for facts will be displayed
And if the shooting was not justified a criminal prosecution will ensue
No racial bias against the victim and no bias in favor of the shooter because he is dressed in blue
        © July 7, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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