Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hillary Would Not Know How To Create A Private Sector Job If Her Life Depended On It

HRC lashes into Trump not for creating jobs which other than her staff she has never done
And if you believe the news equality of female pay from her compared to males has never been won
Attacking by her for Trump taking risks, using debt and when the economy turned going into bankruptcy court
Her record of achievement on anything other than sliming salmon in Valdez comes up completely short
She has been on the establishment scene for almost 40 years and other than writing a few probably ghost written books what can she as an achievement can she possibly claim?
Hillarycare that purged the Blues from the Senate and House?
The Russian reset that was so quickly doused?
The pathetic lie to reelect Obama with the it’s an anti-Islamic video total shame?
The desire to end Khadafi’s reign
To enable the forces of radical Islam join the chaos train?
To ignore the pleas of her “friend” for more security yet leave him twisting in the jihadist winds?
To castigate the Reds for a false war on women while throwing the “bimbo” victims of the “first sexual predator” into the trash bin
To claim with a $10 million advance she and Bill were dead broke?
To surround the press with a moving rope line, with images of a coronation to evoke?
To for over seven months hide from the press?
To create a server then erase so the truth she could obstruct and suppress
To serve in the Senate and produce not a single major bill?
But as Secretary of State become the master of pay to play filling up hubby’s speaking fees’ till
While racking up the Air Force 1 luxury miles over seas
While shaking down also for her Foundation the pay to pay  quid pro quo trees
 Trump to his credit took risks and created thousands of jobs
Hillary lashes out that the mere mortals their dreams he has robbed
Her only risk has been to make sure she could erase the quid pro quo email trail
Secure in the knowledge with a legacy fanatic as president she would avoid jail.
Not sure what courses my fellow classmate at Yale took but not the one from Professor Moore
Bankruptcy when the economic winds change and the filing is the only way to try to keep open the business doors
Obama in bankruptcy saved GM’s corporate ass
B/k support to try to it get a get out of recession pass
And pander for votes with the mantra GM is alive
And thanks to me, bin Laden is no longer alive.
        © July 6, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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