Monday, July 18, 2016

Islamist Axes and Knives 20 Plus on German Train

Another day, another painful reminder that ISIS with its barbaric ideology is not being contained
At least 20 people were axed and knifed on a Wurzburg regional train train
A 17 year old male Afghan went on a rampage not with a gun but in confined spaces deadly tools
Before fatal police bullets sent this fanatic into Hell
It would have been better to have captured him alive for needed intel
Listening to Kerry yesterday talking about success against ISIS reinforces that on this he is a fool
After the binge of sexual assaults by refugee Muslims and now this attack
Watch for a wave of anger to send the tide of refugees back
Today once again calls into question of the judgment of Obama and Hillary to open without vetting the refugee floodgate
No wonder Trump’s call for halting until thorough vetting among scared and angry voters resonates
With Islamists working 24/7 to find ways for us to kill
And our police now targets to add to the growing butchers’ bill
Highly on point that at the RNC tonight Make America Safe Again is the theme
 When it comes a war on radical Islam Obama and Hillary are in a canoe without paddles trying to go upstream
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