Monday, July 25, 2016

Sanders' Supporters Marching In The Streets

The establishment of the RNC and the DNC when it comes to understanding voter anger and frustration are without a clue
Throughout the primaries they have ignore the boiling, bubbling frustration brew
Christies led the faithful as jurors in HRC’s mock trail
Bringing the crowd to its feet shots of “lock her up” to put her in jail
Today thousands of Sanders’ supporters are marching toward the DNC at Wells Arena Hall
One sign in the forefront of the march perhaps says in all
“Hillary for Prison,” how many will desert this deceptive politician in the fall?
Will her Kaine pick further among the passionate supporters cause any support to further freefall?
Two outsiders this campaign have truly transformed
One prevailed as 16 other candidates were from the voters shorn
The other hobbled by superdelegates votes like Pickett almost made it to the top of the nomination hill
But really did not have a chance as from the first moment as the DNC led DEW worked overtime to his race kill
The gavel of DSW was taken away and she fled back to Florida in disgrace
Facing an upset in a Blue primary the Sanders will campaign to have her replaced
This is a political season the likes of which we have rarely seen before
But should be seared in the minds of party leaders who the anger and frustration of the voters choose to ignore.
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       July 25, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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