Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Firestorm Over Melania's Much to Do About Nothing

The Blues and the media are in a twitter and uproar
After watching Melania speak those of us outside the Beltway would rather have her walking through the White House door
Dreams of Camelot with beauty, smarts and grace back in vogue
As opposed to a First Man who is a sexual predator rogue
Unlike some she does not need to have her husband win to have been and is proud of her adopted land
Unfortunately for her the media and the Blues an educated conservative woman they simply cannot stand
Almost before the applause had faded away a firestorm of criticism that she used two of Michelle’s 2008 convention lines
Common phrases like “your word is your bond” that have been used since the beginning of time
While Biden has been the Plagiarism King in law school and on the 2008 campaign trail
Even Obama during that campaign was not adverse to lifting quotes when his own rhetoric seemed stale
Melania is not running for office even though in 1992 Hillary wanted to be the shadow president even without Bill having a Wilson like stroke
The architect of “Hillarygate” which swept the Reds into the House and Senate and for the Blues a very cruel joke
Much to do about nothing save by the Clinton Camp who engineered this well thought out ploy
Anything to take the focus away from the hits on her credibility and record what speakers like Smith, Flynn and Giuliani
This woman is disliked, known to be dishonest, about as transparent as a window of lead, lacks judgment, and feels herself to be above the law
Add to that paranoia over secrecy and an insatiable need for quid pro quo favors and you have some really dangerous flaws
Trump may have his faults as all of us mere mortals do but he is not reckless and has not a history of lying and deceiving
And that in the fall Hillary will find trumps her miserable, pathetic record and will block her from the White House achieving
In passing listening to a Hillary campaign speech is like Mars Attacks Martians listening to Slim Whitman’s “Indian Love Call” song
And seeing their heads explode in pain before they can realize that on Earth these suffering Martians do not belong
© July 19, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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