Saturday, July 16, 2016

Erdogan Demands Cleric Back Will Obama Fold

While Obama is enjoying the links after a National Security Advisors conference call
Our air campaign against ISIS from Turkey has just encountered a major stall
As a result of the failed coup Erdogan has just shut down our Turkish base
Reducing our efforts against the barbarians to a snail’s pace
While Obama is expecting his fair share of mulligans and in the leather gimme putts
We have no idea of what it will cost us to reopen and or how long it will remain shut
But reading the tea leaves and hearing Erdogan’s unveiled threats and knowing of Obama’s lack of spine
A very good chance we are facing major problems in a very short time
Since 1999 there is a Turkish cleric named Gulen  living here in seclusion
Who is being tried in abstentia in Turkey for espionage and treason
Erdogan after the coup blamed Gulen for the coup and wants him back
Obama better be getting ready for the “or else” you cannot use your base for ISIS attacks
What is really troubling is gulen is exactly the sort of moderate Muslim in the ideology war against ISIS we need
His message of secularism, interfaith discussion, democracy, economic development may destroy the Islamist seeds
Erdogan on the contrary pays only lip service to fighting ISIS and is veering to an autocratic Sharia like state
With a border not closed so ISIS fighters can move in and out of the caliphate at a steady rate
The Gulen Movement can be a very powerful force
To cause the wanna be martyrs to change their foolish course
We have spent millions to train Syrians to fight against Assad with absolutely zero battlefield results
Money better spent on the Movement why have we not with him sought fit to consult?
Probably unlike Obama who cannot and will not radical Islam identify
Gulen has been fighting to its theological basis decry and deny
Under no circumstances can we allow this man to be forced to leave
Losing perhaps our best chance along with his followers to theological victory over radical Islam achieve
If cleric after cleric announces that there is no Paradise and virgins for martyrs who innocents slaughter
ISIS very, very soon will be losing most if not all of its misguided cannon fodder
© July 16, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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