Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cop Killed in Kansas City Shoot Out with No Fatalities in Georgia

Sadly it looks like most criminals do not want to watch Fox News on TV
Most likely missed Clarke’s and Giuliani’s speeches on the podium of the RNC
Clarke in no uncertain terms reminded the nation and delegates that blue lives matter
And when cops become targets anarchy has rendered civilization in tatters
Rudy after reminding us that were are at war with radical Islam
Make no mistake they want to kill us all and yet Obama will not raise the alarm
Reminded that when cops come running to save us they do not care whether we are brown, yellow, white, or black
Only that we are Americans in danger in need of help of subject to deadly attack
In Kansas City a police captain responding to a 911 call from a man claiming three were shooting at him
Like all cops did not hesitate to going into harm’s way putting into harm’s way his life and limb
Shot dead before he could get out of car or even return fire
Had he waited for backup he might not have expired
If this was a set up, an ambush using a 911 call as bait, on the BLM this killing will backfire big time
If officers have to put their lives first over the lives of those they are sworn to serve kiss goodbye any chance of fight crime
In Georgia a break in at a gun store resulted in a gun battle between
The burglars and the officers arriving on the scene
Here most likely not an ambush and better yet no one was hit
And all suspect burglars now in jail behind bars sit
Time to dust off and reread the Kerner Report
And add an addendum that can be somewhat short
There are also growing two nations one of police and the other minority communities they serve
The nation of police, black, brown, yellow, and white skinned, clad in blue, being targeted is a fate they do not deserve
From the top of the White House to the Campaign trail all the way to the man or woman in the street
The rhetoric of blame and divisiveness must end be it the cop in the squad car or the cop walking a beat.
For if the cops perceive they wear a badge in front and a large target bulls eye on their back none of us are remotely secure
As more and more cops will find that police work no matter the pay has lost its rewards and allure  
© July 19, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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