Friday, July 22, 2016

Trump and Ivanka Hit It Out of the Park

If you must judge a man, what measures should you employ?
The size of his home, the length of his yacht, the type of plane owned or the number and costs of his toys?
Or the dollars given to charities or endowed university chairs
Along with the honorary degrees at commencements he is allowed to wear?
A better verdict would be the love of his children and the seeds of values in them implanted
A moral compass of the value of work and to the lure of cutting corners never slanted
The four adult Trump children were on the RNC center stage
To express love of and pride in their father and eager to help in the war against Hillary wage
Tiffany, Eric, and Donald, Jr. gave great speeches and of a childhood devoid of silver spoons spoke
The value of work and any sense of privilege by a father to be quickly revoked
Trump’s acceptance speech was great even though so many liberal media pundits were calling it “dark”
Ivanka, his daughter, in her introduction clearly hit the ball out of the park
So far it cleared the center field bleachers and is heading into orbit around the earth
Images of color blind, gender neutral and paying equally for men or women what their talent is worth
With Trump there is no war on women so no pity that Hillary has lost her gender card
If you believe Ivanka which is hard not to do, she will have to the racist card also discard
Left only with a record which is abysmal and the fact that she cannot be trusted and to the American lies
Instead of locking her up as Trump pointed out we must her run to the White House soundly deny
© July 22, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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