Friday, July 22, 2016

Socialism Will Be the Death of Venezuela--No More Big Macs and Beer

When MacDonald’s in Venezuela has to stop serving Big Macs
How long before the people rise up and try to the government sack?
When the breweries in Venezuela have to stop making beer
The socialists in power should really start for their safety to fear
 A poet should never wish misery on any nation
No people should have to endure shortages of food and skyrocketing inflation
A ticking fiscal time bomb as default on its debt is drawing near
Worse no way for its suffering people to drown their sorrows in a polar beer
Too soon people’s memories of why socialism as a creator of wealth and rising income levels is doomed to fail
Fades away explaining why Sanders was so successful with his proclaimed socialism on the campaign trail
People risked death by the thousands to escape from Cuba’s socialistic economic jail
Castro’s promises of a better life moldy, insect infected and long since stale
Do not be surprised to see another flood of thousands of shoppers over the Simon Bolivar Bridge
Before the country’s foreign reserves evaporate to an inadequate smidge
When a country’s economy is in a complete collapse and  freefall
Only a matter of time before a starving, thirsty and angry people bring about its leaders downfall
Or if across the bridge surrounded by shelves all well stocked with the necessities of life
They vote with their feet against socialism and do not return to the land of economic uncertainly and strife.
© July 22, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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