Thursday, April 14, 2016

Will Johnny Football Be Scramling To Rehab?

En route to the Heisman, Johnny Football was all biz
Running amok by scrambling he was a football whiz
Linebackers, linemen, corners and safeties at him would fly
So many times through bobbing and weaving their tackles he would defy
But in the game of life not played on a football field
There is one defender who ultimately to his skills not yield
The defender of addiction be it alcohol or drugs
Hard to block and once you’re in his sights so hard to escape his deadly hugs
Johnny Football was to be the savior for Cleveland town
Rarely seen without a drink in his hand, he was a failure as a Brown
Alcohol abuse drives friends, family and agents away like rats leaving a sinking ship
Once the addiction takes hold with its progress it’s going to get worse grip
His new agent drew in the contract a  real red line
“Johnny Football, it’s off to rehab or I from this task resign.”
He’s been there once in his rookie season for ten weeks
If an alcoholic his case is by no means unique
Sobriety is not easy and whether he will be going into rehab is too soon to tell
But as certain as the Sun will rise tomorrow addiction is a living, breathing Hell
Beating addiction is most certainly not an easy sell
But with images of him dancing through defenders or hurling a spiral on the run we wish him well
© April 14, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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