Thursday, April 28, 2016

Trump Campaign Manchurian Candidate Remake?

Trump descends upon the shrinking Red island due to rising political waters in this state’s sea of Blue
Coming in to Orange County to rally support and enthusiasm for his views
Which Trump will descend upon the Fairgrounds’ stage?
The new Trump trying to look “presidential” or the one against “Ly’n Ted rage?
This observer watching Trump alienate women, Latinos and Muslims and likewise the Red leaders whose disgust for him is hard to conceal
Wonders is this the mark of a loose cannon or the planned template of the master of the art of the deal?
To put it another way, is this campaign another remake of the Manchurian Candidate who is passing himself off as Red to the Party slay?
The art of the deal as practiced by Trump in the business world which his ability to compromise would all impress
Must know that when you attack personally your opponent’s looks, eating manners, energy, honesty, height or wife the chance to get a deal done should have little success.
Even the fear and loathing of Clinton may not be enough to large blocks of Red voters with him unite
The odds of winning the White House may be fast fading from sight
Disagree with a man’s positions on the issues when going after the people’s vote
If you win the loser more likely than not will to the winner support devote
But if you attack his family, his honesty or looks he will build around himself an emotional moat
If you win the loser’s chance of providing any support will be very, very remote
© April 28, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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