Thursday, April 14, 2016

Kerner Report Deja Vu In Chicago

Unfortunately, when it comes to race relations between police and blacks too many things do not change, too often just remain the same
In the late 60’s Watts, Chicago and Newark were going up in massive looting and flames
When Detroit was added to the rioting venue and still taking place
LBJ appointed the Kerner Commission in 1967 to address the issue of race
To report on what happened, why did it happen and what must be done to future riots prevent
In 1968 the Kerner Report was released before King’s assassination death and the nation was in flames as angry blacks though riots their anger to vent
Our nation is moving toward two societies, one black, one white—separate and unequal."
Sadly, in Chicago 48 years later we have just received a dismal sequel
The Kerner Report found that lack of economic opportunity was the main rioting source
And as a side note recommended what action on the police community relations front would be the proper course
It recommended police forces should be more sensitive and ethnically diverse
To avoid the police versus the black community deadly curse
Today yet another report just released on the Chicago Police Department’s dealing the minorities of color
Reveals that the Chicago PD’s record of use of force and dealings with minorities has been anything but stellar
A panel appointed by Mayor Emmanuel last year
Just released a report on why minorities the Chicago PD minorities distrust, loathe and fear
The Chicago PD has “no regard for the sanctity of life when it comes to people of color
No wonder the minority communities view the police as a plague of blue killers and maulers
A code of silence of the police to unfit officers usually protect
Making it so difficult to from the ranks of decent cops unfit cops to eject
Only 6 out of 1,000 arrested get counsel access
24 hours to submit a report so the officers can conspire to discrepancies suppress
74 percent of the hundreds shot by the police each year were black
Routine encounters with police turn deadly as restraint in the use of deadly force they lack
Responsibility starts at the top and this mess rests squarely at Emmanuel’s feet
The new black police chief confirmed by a vote of 50 to zip faces a staggering task to this culture of excessive force defeat
But defeat it he must even if the police union the state must disband
Another race riot in Chicago against police brutality we cannot withstand
The D.A. needs on police brutality needs to play an aggressive active roll
Zero tolerance should be that office’s sworn goal
If excessive force occurs and bystanding officers do not with anonymity that excessive force report
Like the honor code at West Point their career as officers should be cut short
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