Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sanders Is Right Hillary Not Qualified

The political season is at last turning nasty on the Blue side
As Sanders on Hillary’s qualifications derides
This non Democrat Socialist is right but for the wrong reason
Party leaders must be tearing their hair out over Sanders’ perceived treason
Hillary for the office is not qualified
Not because her need for Wall Street funds she cannot deny
No her lack of qualifications clearly relates
To her perceived quid pro quo corruption while Secretary of State
Millions upon millions in Bill Clinton speaking fees
With business before Hillary nothing was ever free
The quid pro quo cookie jar was always open for the Clinton Foundation to contributions to extract
Cost to with the Clintons business by foreign governments and companies seeking to transact
She is not qualified due her failure to protect materials that were classified
Playing the false mantra that they were not so marked so she could lamely deny
Never in the history of American politics have we had a candidate being investigated by the FBI
Never have we had as the caskets were landing at Andrews to the families of 4 dead Americans the “it’s a video lie”
The Democrats with a criminal referral or a finding of gross negligence by the FBI
Will rue the day their super delegates backed her as they will be left high and dry
Never in the history of American politics has a candidate had such a high level of dishonesty
For the Clintons being above the law and  dishonesty has been their consistent policy
Sanders has been right only his reasons are wrong
As the voters ignore the “it’s a right wing conspiracy rejected tired song
              © April 7, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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